Brenda is very proud of her twin nephews Stefan and Joey's  oil paintings and she invites you to visit their website at Ice-over Twin Cove Art Studios.
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Civil War Re-Enactment - Tryon, NC - March 21st, 2009

This is a small civil war reenactment which took place at Tryon, North Carolina. This was the first time I witnessed such an event, though I believe they usually have more participants.

This is the first time the folks at Tryon have put on an event like this, and there where quite a few people that came to watch.

I was planning to upload around 30 mins wort of video to Dailymotion (Youtube only allows 10 mins) but after having the upload fail 3 times I decided to try Youtube, which worked. Also this is the first video edited on my new Kunbuntu installation; kicked old Bill Gates to the curb! lol

I uploaded a "HD" quality video... if you have a fast enough connection, an HD button will appear after you start the video.

Team Roping - North Carolina

We met some folks practicing team roping. Team roping is a fast paced sport which requires the coordination of humans and horses.

Blues in a Holler - Jam Session with Mac Arnold

We met Mac Arnold while visiting a friends house. Mac plays unique "gas can" guitars which he makes himself. Check out Mac Arnold and Plate Full O' Blues on Mac's website:

Cowboy Action Shooting - High Country Cowboys

Cowboy Action Shooting - High Country Cowboys

Bill, Brenda, and I watched the High Country Cowboys annual match, Shootout at Wolf Creek 2008. Cowboy Action Shooting is a sport where challengers shoot competition stages with firearms from the 1899 period and earlier; single action pistols, lever action rifles, and shotguns.

You can click on HQ on the video bar to watch in the High Quality setting; meaning at the original quality level which I uploaded the video.

Hoof Care and Basic Horseshoeing Workshop

This is a promotional video for the From the Ground Up - Hoof Care & Basic Horseshoeing Workshops that we are putting on. The Classes are "hands on" and all levels of horsemen and women are encouraged to participate. For now the classes are being held in the North Carolina area.

Bill has been a professional Horseshoer since 1978. His skills where put to the test during his travels across the country.

For information about workshop dates, or if you would like to host a hoof care workshop, contact us at

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